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For my Indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign I made a couple simple movies.  The first is about my upcoming canoe expedition on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.  The second tells a bit about the materials I choose for my work. 

Now…We a Move Forward.

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Are you interested in receiving a bird that I’ve not listed Like this snazzy scarlet tan anger)? I just added a “Custom Songbird” to the perks! Choose something fun! Choose something meaningful! I will carve a little bird just for you. 

Click here to learn more.

Helping with my Indiegogo campaign is not about raising money.  It’s about building a team —  a team of folks that I know are following and interested in my project.

I need some help.  Indiegogo is driven by analytical that track social media to determine interest I the projects listed.  The good news is that 50 Little Birds on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail is in the top twenty projects I’m the “art” category.  I think we can do a bit better.  

Without spending a dime you can show your support by visiting here and following my project.  By doing this the Indiegogo cogs and gears will turn and move us closer to the front of the pack. Projects at the front benefit from this position and begin to be promoted by Indiegogo outside the website.

It just takes a few minutes and will really help!

Visit my project here.


Yesterday I spent time in the shop putting finishing touches on these two birds.  These are perks that will be sent to folks that are supporting my upcoming Northern Forest Canoe Trail trip through my Indiegogo campaign.  Many thanks to all that have helped.  These two are going to Gordie Felt, Remsen, NY and to James Kelly of Indianapolis.




Yesterday I delivered a wisdom of owls and a few others to be included in the offerings of Jerry Points’ gallery Eye on Art in the Carmel Arts and Design District.  I am thrilled to have my work associated with this gallery and collection.

Eye on Art

111 W Main St #150

Carmel, Indiana 46032

(317) 752-1722






This Little Fellow Shipped to Texas

Another Whip-poor-will Completed Yesterday and Available. Click Photo for Link.


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