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Stephanie Hagerty is the winner of a pair of tickets to the Indiana Artisan Marketplace this weekend.  Congrats Stephanie!  I look forward to meeting you.

Today the Marketplace is open to the trades  — folks looking for items to feature in their shops and galleries.  We began setting up last night and will continue until the doors open at noon.

I saw some amazing things!  The show will live up to the hype.  In fact, with the present mindset about craft and fine craft I think most visitors will be blown away at the quality of this work.  An unexpected highlight is a large booth from Berea College.  Berea College has a tradition of training students in fine craft to preserve Appalachian craft traditions and to offset tuition costs.  It’s been a successful experiment since before the Civil War. (Read previous posts about my visit to Berea College here and here.)

There is something for everyone!  I saw cheeses, wine, beer, sculpture, fine painting, folk painting, guitars, harps, psaltry, pottery…the list continues.  Nothing I’ve seen is short of fantastic!

Phoebe (my youngest), Joe (a buddy and Blue Stone Folk School president), Emily (oldest) and Elliott (grandson) loaded in the booth and were able to get it set up, lit and dusted yesterday afternoon.  Because of their help and the fantastic planning by the Indiana Artisan folks we are a couple of hours ahead of schedule.  This has allowed me time to write this morning and take care of a few details.

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