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There it is!  Birdwatching Magazine, June 2011, Pg. 51!

In March the well established magazine formerly known as Birder’s World re-invented itself into Birdwatching Magazine.   The change brought a new format to the magazine.  Without watering  down content the publication, once known for being too serious, stuffy and intimidating, emerged as a colorful fun and engaging.

The most dramatic changes were the addition of short image-centric pieces helping to identify birds, purchase field guides and books, learn about unusual sightings and to find bird themed art.

I was excited about these format changes, especially the last.  I wondered how to get my work features.  It turned out to be much simplier than I thought.

I emailed the editor some images and a brief description about what I do and asked.  She wrote back with their photography specifications asking for photos of the “blue one”.

My friend Wilbur Montgomery shot a short series of the piece and I emailed them with specific details.  This all happened within three days.

I received my complimentary copy in yesterday’s mail and could not be more pleased.  Wilbur’s shot looks great, my bird looks great and it’s framed by interesting pieces.  It’s the equivalent of a four color 1/4 page ad.  Here’s the online version of the same page.


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