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From the Noblesville Times

Friendly Folk
The Times photos by Steven Furlow
The Times photos by Steven Furlow

By Steven Furlow

Saturday saw the opening of the Bluestone Folk School’s 2011 concert series featuring Cara Jean Whalers, (bottom) who too command of the capacity crowd at Noble Coffee and Tea in downtown Noblesville. Wahlers joined musician Evan Slusher, (top) for a song during his set.



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I love Hoagy Carmichael! He’s the ultimate jazz man, the original singer songwriter and raised 100% Hoosier.

A few weeks ago I learned of someone that was making an effort to record every song the Beatles had recorded. I joked with a friend, on facebook, that I doubt there would be much interest in a similar project focusing on the works of Hoagy.  She agreed that there may not be much interest.  Much to my surprise a number of folks, many of whom I didn’t know, chimed in that they would love to see such a project.


I am announcing the “Everything Hoagy” event planned for Blue Stone Folk School in November (Hoagy’s birthday is November 22).

I will be hosting a concert featuring the great work of Hoagy Carmichael.  I’ve not had an opportunity to perform, in a concert setting, fora very long time and am excited about putting this together.  In addition to myself I will be invited some expected (and unexpected) guests to make the evening interesting.

Other Hoagy themed activities are also in the works including a bus/car/walking tour of Hoagy’s Indianapolis.

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Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three are frequent visitors to Noblesville and the Folk School. They are great folks, amazingly entertaining and  ways leave us wanting more.  They’ve had a hugely successful year.  They’ve toured Britain (twice?) and were the surprise hit of the Newport Folk Festival.

They are now working on a film project with St. Louis director Bill Streeter entitled BRICK by Chance and Fortune: A St. Louis Story.  They posted a rough track from the movie and I’ve been listening to it all morning.

Bill Streeter’s Blog with a link to the recording is here.

Pokey’s sound has matured so much over the last year and the band is much tighter.  It’s a great sound that hasn’t been heard live in 60 or 70 years.

In other news…

The next post to this blog is number 200.  We’ll celebrate with some sort of giveaway.  Check back in a day or so.

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With the bumped up programing and the use of the Judge Stone House we’ve renewed our efforts to communicate with our supporter with regular email newsletters.

We’ve added a service to our emails that allows folks to access emails.  We’re still working on the home page for this but individual links are active.

The two emails sent this wek can be found here:

July 30

July 27

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Miss Joni, a Folk School students, NUVO writer and local cheerleading mom, has taken up the pen to write a monthly NUVO Blog about the ukulele.  Hurray for Miss Joni!

All Things Ukulele: Summer of uke

If every month could be like the month of June, this writer is pretty sure Ukuleles could change the world.

By the time I moved to Noblesville with my family three years ago, I was pretty sure I’d already morphed from a gallery-hopping Indianapolis socialite to a rarely-goes-anywhere-without-her-kids-gee-when’s-the-last-time-she-colored-her-hair-type Mom. I thought that the move to the suburbs of Hamilton County signified the final nail in the coffin of my formerly-fabulous life. But, fast forward one year, and there’s me—kids in tow, of course—sitting cross-legged on the floor of The Wild, clutching a cheap ukulele in my nervous hands, learning my very first chords from the Blue Stone Folk School’s Geoff Davis. And that was the beginning of a new passion and perspective in the life of Miss Joni.

Read more here.

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Blue Stone Folk School is proud to present the old-time jug band stylings of Indianapolis folk music impresarios The Last Drop Jug Band Friday, June 11 at Noble Coffee & Tea Company in charming downtown Noblesville. With one foot in the the mountains and the other in the the big, muddy Mississippi, Last Drop Jug Band plays old-time jug band, blues, and hillbilly music, with banjo, guitar, harmonica, stand-up bass and talented folks singing in harmony. They describe their live shows as “energetic and rousing, soulful and fun.”

You can get an mp3 sample of their fine music, their version of Gus Cannon & the Jug Stomper’s “Walk Right In” at http://apps.bebo.com/my-band/artist/lastdropjugband.The show will be from 7 to 9 p.m. with a $5 cover.

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Blue Stone Folk Series PresentsClark Buehling with Banjo
Clarke Buehling – Workshops and Concert

Blue Stone Folk School is hosting a great old-time banjo workshop and concert this Saturday, April 3, featuring the seasoned stylings of world-renowned old-time banjo artist Clarke Buehling, of Fayetteville, Ark.

The workshop will be from 12 to 4 p.m at Bethel Lutheran Church, 20650 Cumberland Road in Noblesville. Mr. Buehling will teach two classes on the banjo styles of yesteryear:

Early Clawhammer Banjo (12:30-2 p.m.)
Discusses the evolution of clawhammer banjo style out of Anglo-Celtic and African musical traditions during the era of riverboats and minstrelsy .Teaches various clawhammer techniques at an intermediate level, interspersed with historical anecdotes and period humor.

Classic Fingerstyle Banjo (2:30-4 p.m.)
This class teaches the refined banjo style of the early 1900s, influenced by fingerpicked classical guitar. A banjo style that took the banjo up to high society for a while includes a mix of rags, marches, gallops, jigs, reels and polkas. This style was a huge influence on the great Charlie Poole, one of the founding fathers of bluegrass banjo. This rare class shows students the missing link between clawhammer and bluegrass.

Classes are $35 individually or $60 for the pair. Registration begins at Noon on Saturday. Please pay in cash.

If you happen to be more of an old-time banjo ‘preciator than a picker, please join us from 7 to 9 p.m. at Noble Coffee & Tea Company, 933 Logan St., for an entertaining old-time banjo concert in charming downtown Noblesville. The show will open with a brief opening set from Blue Stone-affiliated banjo frailer Howard Clark, of Brookston. Mr. Buehling will be up next with some fine old-time banjo tunes and songs about possums and raccoons. All this and the company of some fine folks over coffee, tea, wine or beer for the paltry sum of $10 — a heck of a deal, my friends.

We at Blue Stone Folk School would be significantly grateful if you, dear reader, would be kind enough to forward this email on to any of your banjo-loving friends who may find this event most interesting.

Best Regards,

Jason Hathaway
Blue Stone Folk Series

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