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We’re taking baby steps here.  We’re in a borrowed space until the first of the year.  Until then we want to maximize use of our facilities and send a clear message that there is a need for the services that we provide.

We’ve toyed with providing our facilities to our students for their own use.  It’s the next ogicl step after a class to allow students to explore on their own.  It’s a rare student that leaves a luthiery class and goes home to their well stocked luthier ready woodshop.  When folks take a letterpress class, they want to have an opportunity to spend hours exploring on their own.

We want to be able to provide for this and plan to, in a small way, during the next few months.

Here’s the deal…

On selected Saturday mornings we will open the woodshop from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm.  I’ll post these dates as soon as they are determined.

There are two or three restrictions to this service:

  • Folks attending open studio must have taken a Folk School class or go through an orientation of safety, tools, policies and techniques.
  • Participants will need to read and complete a safety checklist and liability waiver.  We will keep these on file.
  • Participants must be  member of the Folk School.  We can take care of that when you arrive.
  • Folks that use the studio are encouraged to make a reservation so that we can have appropriate molds, jigs, fixtures or steam /heat generators/side benders in place.  With enough lead time we will be able to provide prepared materials for instrument building, carving projects and shaker boxes.

There will be someone supervising the shop during open studio.  Their role is to supervise, collect fees, check paperwork and advise.  They are not there to  instruct.

Most of our large tools are borrowed or donated.  They are adequate for our purposes.  They are not the newest or highest quality.  We have what we have.

If this works out (and it will) we will explore offering open studios for letterpress and bookarts.


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Another nice mount…Please pardon my shellac covered thumbnail.  It’s a hazard of the trade.

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Currently I’m…

teaching elementary school, preparing for an art show, running the Folk School, finishing the Folk School’s new space, making Christmas presents, Christmas shopping, filling a few bird orders, etc.


Yesterday a package came from Amazon with Deborah Chandler’s Learning to Weave.  The Folk School took delivery of an old counter balance loom a couple of weeks ago and I thought that I should have some idea about how to use the beast.  NOW I WANT TO WARP IT AND GET WEAVING.  TONIGHT!

Our Loom Today

…or, at least begin to put it together and see what we have.

It’s very apparent that a complete loom is pretty incomplete.  Lots of small parts, tools, etc. are going to be needed.  The good news is that they are all made of wood and can be manufactured at the school.

I may take an hour or two over the next few days and put a few pieces together.

Our Loom When Last Assembled

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Yesterday morning the Folk School took delivery of an old counter balance floor loom.  It served, until recently, at a living history museum in nearby Fishers.  (Can you guess which one?)

This piece will be the centerpiece of our new library.  We plan to keep it warped for demonstration and practice weaving.   It will be a nice addition to our studio and we’re thrilled that we had enough room to accept the gift.

If you have knowledge about using this loom or are interested in learning, please let me know.

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