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Work continues on the Great Speckled Bird.  This is the first project that I’ve attempted to document from start to finish and I am having difficulties thinking about and shooting photos of the actual work with tools.  For now we’re just going to have to be satisfied with shots of each stage of the project.

This carving is much larger than most of my work.  I’ve two great parrot vises that I purchased for luthiery work that are above average carving vises.  If I continue to do large work I want to look into a more specialized carving vise.

These steps, beginning to round the head and body are much like the exercise in the last article about rounding a square stick.  Think in terms of turning the cylinder sections of the body into octagons and then into 16 sides.  These areas, the head, neck and body, need to be blended together in the transition areas.

Most of this work is accomplished with a 1/2″ chisel.

1)   Marking wood for removal on the belly and neck.

2)  Looking at the rump and tail.  Lines are marked for wood removal.

3)  The transition from the breast to the neck.  More wood marked for removal.

4)  Wood removed on breast from neck to wingtips.

5)  Wood removed and beginning the transition to the neck.

6)  Beginnig the transition.  I’m experiencing som difficulty blending the shoulders into the neck.  More on that later.

7)  Wood adjacent to the tail marked for removal.

8)  The same from the top.

9)  From the back.  Wingtips visible below the tail.

10)  Wood removed using a backsaw.

11)  From forward.

12)  Wood removed from back of neck and body.

13)  From the front.  You can see those difficult shoulders.

14)  From the back.

As always I encouraage discussion.  Chime in.


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