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Twinrocker: Forty Years of Hand Papermaking

The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum is honoring our good friends Kathryn and Howard Clark and Twinrocker Paper, Brookston, Indiana, for their incredible work reviving fine handmade paper in the United States with a retrospective exhibition.

From the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum website:

When we think of great moments in history, we think of big events: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first moon landing, the discovery of Penicillin. There are many more great moments, however, that are unknown to most of the world, yet they quietly change certain industries and even the way we live. Such was the founding of Twinrocker paper mill near Brookston, Indiana in 1971. The impact that Twinrocker’s founders, Kathryn and Howard Clark, have had on hand papermaking in the United States and the process of creating Fine Arts Books over the past four decades will be celebrated in a 40th anniversary exhibit at the Museum. Twinrocker: Forty Years of Hand Papermaking will mark the first time this collection has ever been on public view.

Howie Clark is a founding board member of Blue Stone Folk School and our resident “sage”.  He and Kathryn have been good friends of our family and our artistic pursuits for nearly a dozen years.  Congratulations to both of them and a thank you for their contributions to traditional arts and fine arts in Indiana and around the world!

Thinking out loud again – we’ve talked often about taking a field trip to see Twinrocker in action.  We need to re-visit this discussion.


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Blue Stone Folk Series PresentsClark Buehling with Banjo
Clarke Buehling – Workshops and Concert

Blue Stone Folk School is hosting a great old-time banjo workshop and concert this Saturday, April 3, featuring the seasoned stylings of world-renowned old-time banjo artist Clarke Buehling, of Fayetteville, Ark.

The workshop will be from 12 to 4 p.m at Bethel Lutheran Church, 20650 Cumberland Road in Noblesville. Mr. Buehling will teach two classes on the banjo styles of yesteryear:

Early Clawhammer Banjo (12:30-2 p.m.)
Discusses the evolution of clawhammer banjo style out of Anglo-Celtic and African musical traditions during the era of riverboats and minstrelsy .Teaches various clawhammer techniques at an intermediate level, interspersed with historical anecdotes and period humor.

Classic Fingerstyle Banjo (2:30-4 p.m.)
This class teaches the refined banjo style of the early 1900s, influenced by fingerpicked classical guitar. A banjo style that took the banjo up to high society for a while includes a mix of rags, marches, gallops, jigs, reels and polkas. This style was a huge influence on the great Charlie Poole, one of the founding fathers of bluegrass banjo. This rare class shows students the missing link between clawhammer and bluegrass.

Classes are $35 individually or $60 for the pair. Registration begins at Noon on Saturday. Please pay in cash.

If you happen to be more of an old-time banjo ‘preciator than a picker, please join us from 7 to 9 p.m. at Noble Coffee & Tea Company, 933 Logan St., for an entertaining old-time banjo concert in charming downtown Noblesville. The show will open with a brief opening set from Blue Stone-affiliated banjo frailer Howard Clark, of Brookston. Mr. Buehling will be up next with some fine old-time banjo tunes and songs about possums and raccoons. All this and the company of some fine folks over coffee, tea, wine or beer for the paltry sum of $10 — a heck of a deal, my friends.

We at Blue Stone Folk School would be significantly grateful if you, dear reader, would be kind enough to forward this email on to any of your banjo-loving friends who may find this event most interesting.

Best Regards,

Jason Hathaway
Blue Stone Folk Series

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