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I spent last Thursday in Bloomington to host a webinar with Traditional Arts Indiana.  I had a few minutes to spare before the webinar started so my daughter, Hannah, and I stopped to chat with Sally Harless at Anatomy Vintage and Handmade.

Shop is located on what appears to be an alley a block south of Kirkwood Avenue near the I.U. campus.  The most striking part of the shop is its size — it’s tiny!  This unique little building began life as a residential garage.  Sometime later some shed additions were added to the south side of the building as well as a two story storefront addition.  It really is a unique and interesting space.

Though small and filled with merchandise, it’s not tight or cluttered.  When shared the space with 2-3 shoppers as well as Sally and had no problem navigating.  There are interesting things to look at (and to purchase) at every level iincluding a shelf of my flatties — full size 2-dimensional versions of my carvings.

I must confess that I didn’t look at much — the selection had a decidedly female appeal — but my youngest duaghter, Phoebe, would love to explore!

Don’t miss this tiny hidden gem while roaming the Kirkwood shops.

Email: amber.anatomy(at!)gmail.com
Phone: (317) 606 – ERAS
visit my storefront at 116 S Grant St., Bloomington, IN
shop the Etsy store: http://anatomyvintage.etsy.com
twitter @Anatomy Vintage
blog (you’re there!) anatomyvintage.blogspot.com
Facebook: Anatomy


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Thomas Richardson, folklorist and ethnomusicologist at Indiana University, has been following me around and showing quite a bit of interest in my work with 50 Little Birds.  I’m not sure how he’s framing it (I’ve a bit of an idea) or his angle, but he’s been taking pictures and asking questions as I go about my work.  This is a great experience for me.  I love to talk about what I do and our discussions are helping me to articulate the themes, thoughts and processes that are 50 Little Birds.

He shared some photos that he took at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange Mini held in Irvington, east side Indianapolis, October 30th.

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