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As promised I am offering holiday ornaments.  If you pre-order a set of the Woodland Series (and in a few days the Garden Series) at a 20% discount.  Simply go to MY Etsy Store and entire the discount code belsnickel.  Your order will be shipped (at no charge) as soon the gift boxes arrive.  This offer lasts until the end of the October.


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For the last two years I’ve gone into production mode to cut out and paint flat Christmas ornaments based upon my bird carvings.  The very first were made directly from the scraps that I made when I cut out the bird carving profiles.

The Woodland Birds

My mom made similar cut-out ornaments when we were little.  She spent hours hunched over a scroll saw in the basement cutting out Raggedy Anne and Andy, rocking horses, toy soldiers, toy trains, angels and Santas.  This was followed by days of painting on a card table in the family room.  These brightly painted ornaments were freely given to friends and family.  On our holiday visits around to friends in Indiana and in Philadelphia — my grandparents home — Mom’s work was evident on every Christmas tree.  (If anyone still has any of Mom’s ornaments, please send photos.  I would love to have them.)

Up until recently, if you were to ask me if my ornaments sold well I’d tell you that they were slow and probably not worth the bother.  In preparing for this holiday season I gave my ornament sales a more critical look.  It was pretty simple to see —  I have less than five remaining in stock from last year — that they are good sellers.

With the new realization of their popularity I’ve approached this year’s holiday ornaments with much more


I’ve developed two series, Woodland Birds and Garden Birds. The Woodland Series includes one of each: a whip-poor-will, a indigo bunting, a scarlet tanager, a pileated woodpecker and a Baltimore oriole.  The Garden

The Garden Birds

Series includes a northern cardinal, and American Goldfinch, a chipping sparrow, a blue jay and a Carolina Chickadee.  (Please avoid the temptation to tell me that you see Baltimore Orioles in your garden or northern cardinals in the woods.  I get it.)

Like before you will be able to purchase individual birds.  The difference will be that each series will be available at a

discount and will come in a fancy-dancy clear lidded box — the perfect gift for the bird lover in your family.

These will be available for pre-order early next week.  Orders will be ready to ship before the end of the month.  When they become available you may purchase them from my Etsy store 50 Little Birds.

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I’ve been working steadily since the holidays to produce work for spring shows.  Last week every piece spent a day with photographer, Kelley Jordan, and is now ready for your review.   The following is a sample of listings Etsy this week.  There are many more.  Take a look around.

Here are a few highlights from last night’s listings.  Click photo to see listing.

Chipping Sparrow

Dominicker Chicken Quartet

Scarlet Tanager

Black Capped Chickadee










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My favorite show, the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, is right around the corner. The organizers, Amanda and Neal Taflinger deserve a tip of our collective hats for the efforts they have made to develop the DIY culture in Indianapolis. Not only do they organize two annual INDIEana Handicraft Exchanges and associated minis they are also opening a shop, Homespun, featuring the work of their devoted followers.

The last month has been good to me and I was a bit concerned that I would have enough new work for the show.  I’ve been at it every free moment and am thrilled that I have accumulated quite a few new pieces.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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