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Here’s another chance to hear it.

From the Traditional Arts Indiana website

Webinar recording access: Social Networking for Artists and Performers

Social Networking for Artists and PerformersThe latest Traditional Arts Indiana webinar, “Social Networking for Artists and Performers: Developing and Maintaining an Online Presence”, is available as a video recording at: http://connect.iu.edu/p6upmf4ohax/.

When you click the link, you will be taken to a new window that shows everything exactly as it happened. You can watch this video at any time to see how social media can help professionalize your folk practice, whether it’s weaving, pottery, or – as it is with our friend and host, Geoff Davis – woodcarving.

WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy: these are just a few of the topics Geoff covered in his roughly 50-minute talk. There’s plenty to learn and explore in this presentation, so be sure to take advantage.

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This is another post for my fellow artists.  If you are a consumer/patron/customer it doesn’t apply to you — you know I have a website.

I’ve written about Luann Udell more than once here.  She is a very knowledgeable businesswoman/artist.  She’s funny, she’s bright and she can write.

She has been posting a serties of articles on her blog that she has written for Fine Art Views.  They discuss the things that you may be doing, that are well intentioned and positive, but might be slowing sales.  Two weeks ago she explore “How long does it take you to make one of these?

This week she handles another common and, seemingly, harmless question.

You’re at a great little art fair.  The crowds are good and there’s lots of beautiful work on display.

You have nice customers in your booth.  They’re looking at your work and making little appreciative noises.  Finally, they look at you and ask a dangerous question:

“Do you have a website?”

Read the remainder of the discussion here.

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